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September 9th, 2003

South African Scam 419...

Man ar beidzot šitāds atnāca...

Mrs.Victoria Botha


I am auditor of a leading bank in South Africa.
I got your contact through my search for someone whom I can conclude this transaction with, from Santon business and online bureau.

There is a floating account that belong to one of our client from Cuba (Name Withheld) who from my search died in September 11 World Tread Center incident.From the account instruction there is no ,Next of Kin to the decease . I have placed a search personally as to the immediate family of the decease, then we fund out that his family died in a fatal car crash in Atlanta USA in 1996.

Myself and the account manager to decease and my bank attorney want some one to come up and sign for this fund as the next of kin, as the bank authority have not known the out come of our search.

We have arranged all the necessary paer work to this effect. Please confirm if you will be capable to handle this transaction.


1. You must be ready and able to come to South Africa for signing of the relevant documents here in the bank.

2. You must be financially OK (with proves).

3.As soon as the fund leaves South Africa enroute your account, You
will be willing to travel with 1(one) of my associates for our
share of the fund.

4. The amount involve in this transaction is $46.5millionUSD.

4a. 75% for me and my colleagues.

4b.25% for your involvement.

Indicate your interest by calling me on my phone 27-83-5092253 and forwarding your personal contact, phone, cell phone and fax no.

Note;This transaction is 100% risk free, needs aughtmost confidentiality and urgency as time is of great important. colleages


Mrs.Victoria Botha